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ezBookmark is a developers dream! Tired of not remembering the correct url to a certain article, tutorial, website or other important peice of information? Do you wish you had access to all your browser bookmarks no matter what computer you where using? Well, now you can with ezBookmark! Consolidate all your bookmarks into one central online location. If you're a developer, then speed up your development time by creating a centralized online depository of all your bookmarks. ezBookmark is fast and easy to use. It's a complete bookmark management system created with the developer in mind, yet easy enough for anyone to use. Speed up development time by organizing your resources. Plus, upgrades are FREE!

Fast and easy setup...
›› The entire setup process is 100% web based.
›› Only one parameter is needed for the entire setup.
›› Data Source Name (dsn) is encrypted for added security.
›› Entire setup process is usually finished within 2 minutes after download.

Customize the options to meet your need...
›› Choose whether or not to display a "new" icon next to new bookmarks.
›› Choose the number of days you wish to display the "new" icon.
›› Choose your own fonts, colors and size of your bookmark text.

Easy to create and manage your bookmarks...
›› Easily categorize your bookmarks.
›› Easily move a bookmark from one category to another.
›› Easily delete your bookmarks permanately.
›› Includes a "wishlist" function which allows you to send us feedback and enhancement requests.
›› Prepopulated with 40+ useful developer links, which can be easily edited or deleted.
›› Many powerful built-in management features that grant or restrict certain actions to take place.

Free lifetime upgrades...
›› All ezBookmark upgrades are free!
›› When a new version of ezBookmark is released you will be notified and able to upgrade for free.
›› You can also check for new upgrades available by using the "updates" function that automatically checks for updates.

System requirements...
›› Web server running ColdFusion server 4.0+ or higher.
›› There are 2 versions of ezBookmark.... one that uses the <CFFILE> tag, and another that does not.
›› Choose the version below based on whether or not you are able to use the <CFFILE> tag on your server.
›› The <CFFILE> tag is used to encrypt your dsn information for your added security.

ezBookmark 2.0
Does NOT require the ability to use <CFFILE> ›› $10 - ›› $20 -
Requires the ability to use <CFFILE> ›› $10 - ›› $20 -

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