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ezColorPicker | | Only $5

ezColorPicker is a custom ColdFusion tag that will insert a text box and a color-picker icon into a form and allows a user to choose a web-safe color. The tag enters a hex value into the text field and allows the user to view the color chosen from the color palette. This universal color picker is great for all occasions and is highly configurable. You can even omit the pound sign(#) in the hex color if needed. Speed up development time by using ezColorPicker! Plus, all upgrades are FREE!

Pick a color: Pick a color:

›› 216 Web Safe Color Chart.
›› May be used multiple times (unlimited) per form.
›› May be used in multiple (unlimited) forms.
›› Color Chart is not an image or HTML, therefore the file size is very small.
›› Simply the most versatile color picker online!

Customize the ezColorPicker to meet your needs...
›› The Paint Bucket Icon is an optional. You may choose whether or not to display this icon.
›› The pound sign (#) is an optional parameter. For example, you may wish to display #FF0000 or FF0000
›› Choosing a default value is optional.

Easy to integrate into any form...
›› May be used with <cf_ezColorPicker> or <cfmodule> to reference this tag.
›› Putting this tag in your ColdFusion Custom Tag directory is strictly optional.

Free lifetime upgrades...
›› All ezColorPicker upgrades are free!
›› When a new version of ezColorPicker is released you will be notified and able to upgrade for free.
›› We try to put all your suggestions into each new version of ezColorPicker. We welcome any suggestions or feedback.

System requirements...
›› Web server running ColdFusion server 3.0+ or higher.
›› Works with IE 4.0+ and Netscape 5.0+ or higher.

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